Apple Music pays a penny per stream on average

By Nilay Patel


Apple Music’s payment rate for artists and labels is a penny per stream on average, according to a letter from the company posted on its artist dashboard, viewed by The Verge, and first reported by the Wall…

Mick Fleetwood Sells His Recorded Music Rights to BMG

By Ryan Reed

Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood is selling the recorded music rights from his full music catalog to BMG. While a dollar amount for the sale is currently unknown, the company told Rolling Stone that the massive acquisition…

DJ Resolution Releases Soul City & 87 Boombox In Reversion Series


DJ Resolution and Respect Music Publish Mixtapes to Bring Awareness to Artists’ Reversion Right Under the Copyright Act 

Parties Aim to Encourage More Artists to Exercise Their Right to Reclaim Master Recordings Before 2020 Cut-off